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Ichita is an OEM company experts in all separation technologies. We are the water treatment and process solution provider Company. Our services are as follows:


OEM Services

• Process solutions: ranging from sugar decolorization process, glucose fructose deashing and decolorization, fruit juice clarification etc. All using separation technologies from ion exchange resin, membrane microfiltration as well as ultrafiltration,and adsorbent media including activated carbon and Ecosorb technology.

• Water treatment solutions: from simple water softener to very sophisticated ultrapure water our proposed technologies not including only ion exchange resin
but also membrane and EDI as well. Condensate polishing system is also one of our supplied systems. Dealkaline and desalination plants are also part of our water
treatment solution to improve quality of water as well as our drinking water compact skid mount plant that can save a lot of space.

• Waste water treatment solutions: treatment of effluents from both domestic and industrial waste is our service. We supply both conventional waste treatment
ponds for customer whose space is not their first constraint as well as submersible plate and frame membrane bioreactor (MBR) and side stream MBR for
customers whose space is so crucial. Both systems are carefully tailored made design to suit the requirement of our customers’ criteria.

Laboratory service

Other than our OEMs products, we, Ichita, also provide a laboratory service which includes water and waste water test analysis, process development at the lab scale, ion exchange resin analysis tests for both physically and chemically ranging from checking resin exchange capacity to moisture holding capacity to physical integrity of the resin. Our lab standard conforms to Thailand Industrial ministry standard.

Ion exchange Resin improvement services

Our facilities provide services that can save our customers’ time and money in used resin improvement program. We can regenerate mixed bed resin for our
customers who do not have the facilities at their plants. Our facility is designed to give the maximum regeneration efficiency that can give back the capacity
to the resin to the maximum available capacity level, giving the longest life extension to the regenerated resin.

Ion exchange removal and replacement

To our customers who buy resin from us, we can provide removal and replacement services. Our staffs are trained to be carefully managing the transaction
without giving contamination to the resin. In ultrapure water system, our service is guaranteed of zero contamination.

Reverse Osmosis membrane services

Sometime CIP program on site may not enough for thoroughly clean, we provide special cleaning service that carefully and completely and individually clean each piece of RO membrane so that the quality after cleaning is fully rejuvenated and most of the time extending the life cycle of the membrane as well. We also provide the removal and replacement services for our customers who do not want to deal with any complication.



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